TWIFLEX - Marine Disc Brakes
Marine Disc Brakes - VCH Model
                  VCH MODEL
  • Hydraulic caliper with spirng retraction of pads.
  • Maximum allowable disc end float is approximately ±.157".
  • Split caliper design features 4 bolt mounting (2 M24 tie rods and 2 M16 bolts) supplied by user.
  • Caliper is for use with 20" minimum disc diameter with 1" minimum disc thickness.
  • Center plate of caliper mounting bracket is to be same thickness as disc thickness.
  • Normal working pressure is 1700 PSI and maximum pressure is 2000 PSI.
  • Total oil displacement for 0.080" (2mm) maximum retraction is 1.6 in3 per caliper.
  • Caliper weight - 104 lbs.


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